April 17th, 2011

over the shoulder

(no subject)

So I got this Spam in my email today. What I don't understand is how people who ostensibly HAVE read y profile and have some understanding of my background and history seem to know exactly as much about me as the 'person' who sent me this.This email says the person has read my profile and that it was interesting. And today I feel like everybody who follows me on Twitter has exactly as much awareness of who Jo is as the "person" who sent me this.

i am blessing 24yrs old young lady i saw your profile page in my search for relaionship.

and it was very interesting to me so i have decided to have contact with you,
How are you doing? i presume your day is going great.
I am so glad to contact you after getting your email.

i which to know more about you as times goes on.pls i will like you to relpy me back at my private email.blessing1smith@gmail.com

Where i will send you my pics when i read from you and I will also tell you more about myself when i read from you again.... but i just want you to know that i am also interested in building up a successful relationship with you after getting to know you better. I have no kids and i have never been married, i hope to meet someone who is ready for a serious relationship in life,that's my intention.
I will be waiting to read from you soon.
Have a nice and lovely day.

yours blessing