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letter from Lake

Lake & I ran into Jerry Garcia one night at a gallery opening in early 1995. She told him how in the early 80s she had come from Japan as a tourist, went to her first Grateful Dead show and never went back. His response to her was "I'm so sorry". This is her letter to her clients about the tragedy. It is eloquent and heartbreaking. I ha to share it.

--- Hello people in art community,

My name is Lake Hanyu. Many of you know me as elsewhere gallery owner. I am writing this to ask your help.

I am from Japan who chose to have US as my home decades ago. I am a black sheep of family so to speak.

I still have family and friend who are dear to me in various part of Japan.

The disaster on 11th is becoming more reality to me. I must say it is like waking up from bad dream to find out it is a waking nightmare. As many of you know, there was an largest earthquake in the history of Japan followed by giant Tsunami accompanied by Nuclear explosion. The danger is no longer local issue where earthquake occurred.

My mother who lives with disabled husband in Tokyo gently said,"Do not worry, we have everything we need". But scare spread beyond. I have connected with friends; however, she reported me different. Stores in Tokyo is running out of supplies. She said elders who has no one pushing walker to get what they can get. Tokyo residences are leaving West to Kyoto, Osaka. Foreign government officials are leaving the country. There is a ration for fuel. Nothing on the supermarket shelves or limited access if any left. Communication compromised.

Now it's snowing on Tsunami victims, freezing the refuge who has no fuel for keep warmth. People who can't get into the shelter, who owned comfortable homes are finding themselves under card boxes.

They are also lacking water, medicine especially for elderly, and baby food.It is hard to believe for the nation which enjoyed economic success be missing of necessity such as these. This reminds me how fragile our lives are.

Distance Tokyo and epicenter is similar to SF and Tahoe. Transportation has begun to be restored from north to Tokyo and beyond just today, many of people who lost everything leaving the home town forever. Many missing their family members, or finding them dead. It is difficult to imagine what it is like to have taken away so quickly. I have heard that "You do not know what nothing is until you have nothing"

Now there were earthquake moving down south along the Ring of Fire. One in Chiba, next Tokyo has just happened. There is active volcano in South....There is Mt Fuji which is "resting" now. Kobe which you may remember is west.

Thank you for reading all this. I am distressed, helpless to help the country of my origin.

Please, if you can make donation to large organization such as Redcross we are grateful. Redcross knows how to deliver.

if you have txt message on cell, you can send "REDCROSS" to 90999 to donate as little as $10.

As a gallery, I am donating all gallery profit from sales to this relief effort. Please let me know if you have any other good idea for help.

I am asking, help please if you could.
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